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The idea of my blog is to share helpful thoughts for your own marketing and communications journey. The blog themes follow conversations I have with clients or questions I receive from prospects and aren't really in a particular order. 

I'd love to hear from you if there's a topic you're interested in and don't find it here. Happy to put some thoughts together!

Importance of Content Marketing

Rebecca Jabbar on Tue 12 Nov

Content Marketing has been proven to be effective at helping a business build awareness and drive sales. What's your plan? 

Choosing a web designer

Rebecca Jabbar on Wed 14 Aug

If you've never worked with a website designer before - or you have and it wasn't the best of experiences - this blog will help guide you on how to make sure the next step is the right one

Reason for Absence

Rebecca Jabbar on Wed 9 Aug

I haven't written a blog since early March. Not great on the communication front! But I promise there's a good reason - two GREAT reasons in fact...

Year of Change

Rebecca Jabbar on Wed 1 Feb

There are so many ways to experience change as a small business - offering a new service or product; increasing or decreasing staff numbers; moving premises; branching out to new target customers... whatever change you have planned, is your business ready to communicate it in the right way?

New Year, New You

Rebecca Jabbar on Tue 3 Jan

Staring down the long path of a New Year can bring excitement or dread - depending on what you're hoping for and are planning for. Let's see if we can lean towards the point of excitement when it comes to promoting a small business... 

Time for Reflection!

Rebecca Jabbar on Thu 1 Dec

December is a great time for looking back over the year and reflecting on the time and money your business has invested in communicating with prospects and customers. I've put together some prompts to help with the process. Happy reading! 

Standing out - blog five

Rebecca Jabbar on Tue 1 Nov

I've really enjoyed recording the series on Standing out from your Competition. This last one is all about adding value. Happy viewing! 

Standing out - blog four

Rebecca Jabbar on Mon 3 Oct

What's next in the Standing out from your Competition series? Well, how about: who YOU are?? Happy watching...

Standing out - blog three

Rebecca Jabbar on Thu 1 Sep

In this third blog in the series, it's time to look at what your competitors are doing on social media so that we can imitate what they're doing well and then better it! Happy watching...

Standing Out - Blog Two

Rebecca Jabbar on Mon 1 Aug

The second blog in the series about standing out from your competition. This week I'm delving into a little more about understanding who your competition is and what they're doing. Happy watching! 

Standing Out - Blog One

Rebecca Jabbar on Fri 1 Jul

It's not the easiest thing in the world - to be vying for the attention of the same customers that your competition want. But it can be done! This is the first blog in the series. Happy watching.... 

Social Media Channels

Rebecca Jabbar on Sun 19 Jun

A quick snapshot of each of the main social media channels...

Social Media Tips

Rebecca Jabbar on Fri 15 Apr

We're so often told to 'get on social media' but with so many platforms to choose from how do you know where to invest your time? 

Website Must-Haves

Rebecca Jabbar on Fri 11 Mar

What to put on your website is actually often the hardest part of a website build and its maintenance. Many businesses have cracked it, but what should you include in the least? Here are my top tips. Happy Reading! 

Creating Blogs

Rebecca Jabbar on Fri 19 Feb

Are you suffering from writer's block? Want a Blog on your website and have no idea where to begin? Well, hopefully this article will help. Happy Reading!

Why a Blog is good for Business

Rebecca Jabbar on Thu 14 Jan

Are you considering whether to start a Blog on your website? Or already have one and aren't sure whether your approach is right? 

I've put some thoughts together on why a Blog should definitely be considered to help promote positive awareness of your business. Happy reading!

Reviewing your online presence

Rebecca Jabbar on Fri 18 Dec

Is your online presence as successful as it could be? Has it done what you hoped for your business in the last year? Any time is a good time to do a quick review - and here are my suggestions on how to go about it. Happy reading!

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