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on Tue 1 Nov

Adding Value

Standing out from your Competition isn't just about saying something different in a different way, it's also important to help your prospects and customers understand and appreciate that you really are as highly qualified and experienced as they need you to be. 

We all want to make sure we're choosing the best best partner for us. You need to help your customers know you're the best for them. 



The first thing to make sure of is to include the logos of any associations, qualifications, memberships etc. that you're part of to your website. 

Then, include testimonials. Ultimately, the strongest buying influence is recommendation via word of mouth. The world of online is no different. So if you are linked to a reviews site like Fifo, include a link. Otherwise, lean on happy customers to provide quick written testimonials, or even better - video testimonials.


Showcase your expertise

Consider running, talks, seminars, creating blogs on topics relevant to your business and having a knowledge centre on your website if there's a lot you can provide in terms of context and education. 


The more you give the more you get in return. 


Thank you so much for watching! If there are any topics you'd like me to cover in future blogs, please do let me know! x



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