Standing out from your Competition - Blog Four

on Mon 3 Oct

Being Clear about who YOU are!

Welcome to the fourth blog in the series of standing out from the competition. Whilst the previous blogs have focused on who your competition is and understanding them to spot the right gaps to aid differentiation, now is the time to look at you.


Who are you?

Many businesses are lucky enough to have a simple sales proposition, 'we do x'... and that can be enough for prospects to know they want to buy. But what if the prospect has five companies saying exactly the same thing? How do they choose?


Be Quick

When a potential customer visits your website or reads your marketing material, they need to understand quickly what it is that you do. So make sure you have one sentence that simply and clearly captures what this is


Be Helpful

Go one step beyond just saying what you do. Expand it to explain what the benefit is. Why is what your business offers special? What value do your current customers get? 


Keep in mind:

Your descriptive sentence should include

  • What you provide
  • What you enable

By having both (and by keeping it simple!) you'll stand out quickly as being the business your prospect is looking for. 


Thanks for watching! x


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