I've been a bit quiet... here's why

on Wed 9 Aug

I was always planning to start my maternity leave pretty much as soon as my twins were born - and that was expected to be early June. 

But my impatient twin girls decided to come early, and were born by emergency c-section on 17th March. Both weighed just under 1lb 12 oz. 

The next three months were incredibly difficult and all my attention was shared between being at the hospital and keeping my sanity by completing the projects I had committed to with clients. Spending time on my own marketing and communication activities just wasn't on the priority list. 

It's been a roller coaster of a ride, but I'm so, so proud of my two very strong girls. They've been home from hospital for eight weeks now and both are defying all the obstacles that could have come from being born premature. 

Abigail will need to stay on oxygen for a few more weeks, but otherwise, she and Leila are fighting fit and performing as we'd actually expect them to perform if they'd been born on their due date (20th June). 

My husband, Maz and I feel incredibly blessed. And to those who have been supporting from the side-lines, to clients who have been so patient with my needs of flexible working, and to the NHS for being outstandingly brilliant: Thank you

Normal working practices will begin sometime soon. For now, wishing you all the very best!

Rebecca xx

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