The Importance of Content Marketing

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on Tue 12 Nov

Let’s imagine two businesses. Both are selling the same thing to the same target audience.

One talks about what it sells, how much it charges, where you can buy, how you can buy… across email marketing, social media and its website

The other covers the same but also focuses on the wider context - of the benefits of its proposition, of industry trends, of customer challenges - and additionally offers this content to interested parties packaged into brochures, newsletters, eShots…

Which business are you going to pay more attention to?

According to CEB Global, B2B buyers are on average 57% through their purchase decision before engaging with a sales representative. The purchase decision is not made on product or service overviews alone, but includes how engaging the brand has been, and how relevant and understanding the business is to the needs of the purchaser.

Content marketing takes a path away from strict selling. It is focused on telling stories, sharing interesting information and providing valuable insights within marketing efforts. Rather than just promoting a new (or existing) product or service, content marketing is all about adding value and engaging as much as possible with target customers.

Marketers who have prioritised blogging as a channel to showcase content marketing value are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive return on investment

So what are you waiting for? Do you need help with planning what your content marketing strategy and approach might be

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