Standing out from your Competition - Blog Two

on Mon 1 Aug

Standing out from your Competition

Welcome to the second blog in a series that is pretty much a whistle-stop tour of what’s in my head when it comes to standing out from your competition. I will try to cram in as much as possible during the course of this series, so please do try to watch each of the videos. 


Understanding your competition

So, in the first blog we looked at mapping out who you are to correctly identify who your competition is. Now we need to find them!

Choose three or four maximum and start with looking at their websites:

  • Homepage: how do they explain what it is that they are and what they do?
  • About Us page: how do they portray themselves? Do you get a feel for the business 'personality'? Are they showcasing their team and individual members?
  • Overall: What do you like? What don't you like?
  • Spotting differences: What do they do that you don't? What do you do that they don't? 

Take a thorough look and be honest with how they're doing.

Ultimately, their website is where your prospective customers will start - and if they're explaining their business really well and helping visitors get a feel for how nice the company is, there will be some work for you to do to make sure you stand out. 

Highlight on your website the things that you believe make you different. Showcase your credibility and your team. Address the areas on your website where you feel your competition is doing a little better than you (is your About Us page as informative as it can be for example?) 

And you'll at least be on a level-playing field... but preferably way ahead. 

Good luck! 

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