Standing out from your Competition - Blog Three

on Thu 1 Sep

Understanding your competition

What are your competitors doing on social media?


1. Start by looking at their website/s to see which social media icons they have

2. Look at each channel and make a note of:

  • How many followers they have
  • Do their posts or tweets have many likes? If so, which type of post or tweet gets the most likes? 
  • Do their posts have comments? if so, which type of posts get comments?
  • Do their posts or tweets get shared / retweeted? If so, which type?


It's only when content gets commented on or shared that it goes 'viral' (other people beyond your direct followers see it)...

So if your competitors are doing well, what can you do to imitate or do better? And if they're not, well, it's a great start for standing out from them!

And if you're looking for more information, have a read of my blog on the different social media channels


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