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I am an experienced Media Trainer for London and the surrounding areas. I work with senior executives who wish to hone their company messages and deliver soundbites and stories with confidence to make the most of every interview opportunity. 

Media Training Workshops 


  • Media Training Workshops

Media training workshops

A media training workshop should help a business stand out from its competition. I train executives to get direct brand messages across loud and clear. Media training is also not just for a journalist interview; many clients use it to hone their message for sales conversations or internal discussions. 

If you haven't experienced media training before, please visit my Media Training website for more information 

An enjoyable and productive media training experience

Effective media training isn't just about the all-important practice interviews on the day.

I work closely with my clients on the objective and agenda setting in advance, include brand-related theory and messaging where appropriate, and create a tailored post-training feedback report for each participant.

Sessions inevitably include message interrogation, which I not only facilitate but often create alongside the client within the session itself. 

But why might a trainer with a non-journalist background work for you? I've written a blog about it...


"I have attended several media training sessions over the years and yours stood out from the rest.  Your enthusiasm and presentation is outstanding.  Your ability to pick up on Toshiba messaging is most impressive. It was a pleasure to sit in on the day and I know the team got a lot out of it too - they told me how much they enjoyed it.” - Wendy Miles, Toshiba

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  • Media Training Agenda

Typical media training agenda

A media training agenda is tailored to meet the individual needs of the brand and each participant. However, each session will always cover the media training basics and a typical agenda includes:

  • Introductions
  • Theory - who, what, when, why (the media and spokespeople requirements)
  • The bridging technique 
  • Messaging whiteboard session (if required)
  • Red Light / Green Light exercise
  • Dummy interviews (at least x2 per person)


How many people should be in a media training session?

Media training sessions can be organised for just one spokesperson in a half-day session. This often works well, especially if the spokesperson is a C-Level executive.

The standard number of people that can be effectively media trained in one day is between four and six people.


Please do get in touch if you have a requirement and we can work together on the best approach to achieve the best results. 

I'm happy to contact you if you prefer - let me know how and when

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