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Website creation support

Website creation support

It goes without saying that every business requires a professional and effective online presence. The vast majority of customers will search for services online, or even wish to view a business online following word of mouth recommendation to ensure it’s the right business for their needs. But where do you start? 


Taking the website creation headache away...


I work with clients who want to build a website themselves but don't know where to start. 

I work with clients who have a website designer but have no idea what to tell them and give them to make sure the website is exactly what they want the first time around. 

With either scenario, it can help enormously to have someone guide on what the business needs to say and do online to make the biggest impact, stand out from the competition and encourage visitors to get in touch. 

Consider me your guide. 

The importance of words

People get very hung up on what a website looks like - it makes sense, it's representing your business. But actually it’s what’s ON the website that visitors are most interested in.

Design (albeit incredibly important) is second.

Saying the right thing in the right way needs to be the priority, both for the visitor to understand you're right for them, and for Google to know. Google doesn't care if your background isn't purple or white, it cares that you're responding to the search their customers have made.

I offer messaging and copywriting expertise to take away the headache of pulling together the content. 

Whoever is building the website will need to be guided on what pages the website should have and what should be on each page. I look after this and more:

  • Interview with the business owner to understand the needs of the website (and provide consultancy on messages and USPs)
  • Creation of a website structure brief
  • Copy for each page
  • SEO search time guidance for each page
  • Image sourcing and guidance
  • Liaison with the web developer directly if required


Interested? Please get in touch!

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