Marketing Support

Marketing your business

Marketing your business

Needing to work out how best to engage with prospects and customers?

From how you explain what it is you do, to how best to engage with prospects and customers. I walk with you every step of the way; focused on achieving the ultimate goal of business growth.

  • Effective content and execution

Positioning and presentation

Having a fresh look at what you're saying about your business and its place in your market can take place anytime. 

I work with you as a consultant and as part of your team; through workshops, audits and objective research. 

You pay for the outcome, not the process. 

Services include: 

  • Messaging.
  • Copywriting: website, marketing material, whitepapers...
  • FAQ documents.
  • Customer and prospect sentiment reports.
  • Employee audits.
  • Mission and vision creation.
  • Company profile creation - for use across marketing materials and channels.

I'm happy to contact you if you prefer - let me know how and when

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