Strategic campaign planning

Ideas, collaboration, solutions

Ideas, collaboration, solutions

I bring years of experience and a fresh outlook to each challenge

From communications business planning to ad-hoc campaign ideas; I'm a regular go-to for clients who want a fresh set of ideas and support they're not receiving elsewhere.

You can lean on me for a day or two, or for on an ongoing basis for strategic head crunching.

I'm someone you can give sketchy, top-line thoughts to without judgement, and will then work out how best to achieve your goals. 

But ultimately, it's important we can work closely together and that you can trust me. So perhaps it's worth mentioning that I have received an average of 8.5 / 10 for my strategic input and client relationships from RAM audits and Net Promoter Score surveys. The industry average is 7 / 10.

I'm happy to contact you if you prefer - let me know how and when

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