Online presence

Digital marketing consultancy and support

Digital marketing consultancy and support

Your online presence is fundamental to how prospects and customers perceive you

Are you looking to update your website or for someone to support you with your social media engagement?

I work closely with my clients to make their presence online effective and enjoyable. 

  • Website creation

Website creation

Whether you need a brand new website or are looking to upgrade an existing one, I specialise in working with businesses to ensure they have a professional, effective website.

Consider me the middle man that takes away the headache of working out what to put on a website and how best to say the things that help a business stand out from the competition. 

I can guide a small business wishing to build their own website to keep their costs down, or represent a business - looking after the relationship with the website developer to help both sides have a seamless and easy experience.  

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  • Social media engagement

Social media support

I've been supporting B2B organisations with social media campaigns since 2008.

It all starts with strategy - what are you ultimately trying to achieve online? 

Rather than assuming you need to be on every social media channel, it might be that your customers and prospects are only engaging on one. So why waste time and money just to tick a few boxes? 

Digital services include:

  • Online audits - your current profiles across social media channels. What's working, what isn't?
  • Profile creation - whether it's editing what you have or starting from scratch.
  • Content suggestions - what could/should you be saying on the channels that your business is on?
  • Content creation - and if you need help in actually creating the content, I'd be delighted to!
  • Ongoing social media engagement - I am a community manager; from running Twitter and Facebook pages to creating blogs. If trying to keep on top of all of this is distracting you from running your business, why not outsource it?


I'm happy to contact you if you prefer - let me know how and when

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